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This webpage is a snap shot of conditions that prevailed during 2005 hurricane season - by far the most destructive on record.

In 2005 The creator of this site coined the term "supercane" to refer to the unusually intense super hurricanes caused by the superheated ocean waters now occuring. This website clearly shows the conditions that led to those supercanes and why our futures are irrevocably changed by the global warming that has taken place over the past 50 years. Along with our sister site anyone can clearly see how the superheated water has created conditions that will create much larger hurricanes for the future in a climate crisis just as the movies An Inconvenient Truth from Senator Al Gore and The 11th Hour from Leonardo DiCaprio suggest.

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Our sister page predicted in early 2005 that Katrina was the beginning not the end of the superstorms. Boy were we right! Hurricane after hurricane hit the super heated water off florida and quickly grew from minor tropical storm to force 4 and 5 hurricanes within 24 to 48 hours wiping out New Orleans as we knew it and wreaking havoc from Dallas to Florida.

On Sept 19th, 2005 there were five -FIVE!- hurricanes and the remnants of two others surrounding the U.S.A. These archived images from satellites show the conditions in September when Rita was about to hit the coast. All images are actual satellite images frozen in time.

All images are the 2005 actual images from government sources.

Here we see the African hurricane alley. Heat waves begin forming over the west coast deserts of Africa and drift toward the USA. Hurricanes depend on two things to get strong. 1st there must be no high altitude winds to tear them about. and 2nd and most importantly there must be warm water. As the waves soon to become tropical storms pass over warm water they are heated and the swirling begins. Just as your hand feels the energy over pot of boiling water a storm feels and absorbs the energy rising from over heated oceans. -->!

These summers the water is still as hot in the gulf as the satellites can record so these storms will continue to strengthen all season. Summer waters will be hotter the rest of our lives. In fact during summers now the super hot water extends all the way out of the gulf and into the Cuban and Antilles islands - exactly where the new storms form right now. So coming storms will be strong before even entering the gulf unlike Katrina which revved up only after entering the gulf. This is clearly seen in the image below. A path of warm water extends all the way from Africa to the United States and inside the Gulf of Mexico the shallow water is heated many degrees hotter now than in past summers.

2005 WEEKLY IMAGE! Orange and Yellow areas are hotter than normal. When hurricanes hit these areas they grow strong FAST. Hot water is gasoline for hurricanes. Notice how the storms in the image above grow in exactly these areas. When water was cooler in summers past hurricanes didn't get so strong.

Sea Surface Temperatures

Insert showing Track and wind forecast of Rita in 2005 (update time in picture).

 2005 Track forecast of Rita

Probability of hurricane winds by color (darker more probable) Rita

Google map of New Orleans, LA area. Google Map of New Orleans, LA

It isn't just global warming any longer. It's now the global boil and it's happening and will cause super hurricanes the rest of our lives.

Wondering if it usually gets this hot? Of course it doesn't no matter what the politicians say. This Sept 19, 2005 satellite WEEKLY IMAGE shows you just how MUCH hotter areas of the sea especially the gulf were in 2005 than normal. Orange and yellow areas are hotter than past averages. A yellow area is at least 1 degree centigrade hotter than in the past. Orange areas are several degrees hotter!

global map of  2005 SST nightime anomalies

This additional Sept 19, 2005 WEEKLY IMAGE shows water temperatures hotter than normal - Hotter water is gasoline for Hurricanes

global map of  2005 SST anomalies

This 2005 IMAGE is a closeup of the Gulf and Atlantic ocean during that year.

North American Hurricane lanes

2005 IMAGE! This is a closeup of the Pacific ocean off Mexico and the California Coast. We had three hurricanes at once here Sept 19th 2005 and the news didn't even tell you because none were near land! Hurricanes off Mexico can cause extensive flooding, mudslides and property damage in California from many rainy days in a row. Know if the rain today is a short storm or the first of many days in a row. Keep watch at and protect your property!

North American Pacific lanes

2005 historical IMAGE! This picture below was a view of the Pacific Ocean and Asia west of Hawaii. Notice the Hawaiian islands outlined on the far upper right side. Approaching it are 2 Hurricanes! The second supercane in the row on the top right is also visible on the left in the photo above. This demonstrates that Hawaii is at great risk from the new supercanes too! At the same time you can see a hurricane approaching Japan on the left of the image! Keep an eye on storms approaching those islands by monitoring And also realize that storms approaching Japan and Asia can affect prices of electronics and chip markets.

North American Pacific lanes

2005 IMAGE! This high resolution view of the world shows you details of storm formation in Sept, 2005.

North American Hurricane lanes

2005 IMAGE! This extreme close of the gulf coast showed that the Gulf states of Texas, Lousianna, Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida were going to be hit.

Gulf Close Up

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Buy a shirt with this awesome historic photo in ominous red and the warning "Burn the Earth and the Earth burns back!"

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For more information.. Global Warming Books Global Warming DVD's Global Warming Video Tapes
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What about earthquakes. Why does all this matter to residents of an earthquake state like California, Washington or the Mid Atlantic states along the New Madrid fault?

Well for one thing there are new theories that actually link an increase in earthquakes with increased flares from the sun!

You can track the flares, see live movies of the sun, and live earthquake reports and even the changes in earth rotation they cause on

Because for the remainder of our lives our nation and the world is going to be dealing with competitive political pressures for preparedness and response resources.

And because this administration and indeed all levels of our government seems to have difficulty actually planning for impending disasters even when fully warned, a lot of what other states need to do will need to be done by us pushing our own politicians NOW.

For example:

1. Stock piling the gas and water pipes in place along the San Andreas to deal with line breakage’s that will occur when it slips.

2. Having the repair materials ready and the repair personnel on a reliable "on call" system.

3. Recognizing that many of those personnel will likely be repairing Miami or New Orleans or Texas or Iraq so having three or four levels of back up primary responders and training them NOW.

4. All citizens should form a public city plan about who, how and when evacuations and home demolitions should occur after a quake or hurricane happens (or would you like the bulldozer driver to decide whether your house is salvageable like they will be doing in New Orleans.) This is never talked about but don't you think people ought to have a say in whether or not they can reenter their own homes and neighborhoods and salvage anything? Or should some bureaucrat be allowed under emergency authority to red tag everything you own and leaving you with no say in whether your last possessions are bulldozed?

5. All cities need to stockpile resources and make plans now before the next big hurricane takes out another city like Miami this year - as it is very likely to do (little did we know Rita would fulfill our prediction so quickly - and Rita won't be the last of this year!)

There won't be any money or attention left after that happens!

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